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TOP Referral Tiers

Silver Tier
Gold Tier
Platinum Tier
Diamond Tier

Trusted Opportunity Program

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Personal Residual* 25% 40% 50% 70%
Affiliate Bonus 5% 5% 10% 10%
Note: You can qualify for each level through personal accounts or total accounts.
# of Accounts** 1-4 5-24 25-99 100+

* Your entire book of business will be paid at the residual tier you achieve

5%-10% Referral Bonus for others that you refer.

** Accounts must be processing $3,000 or more per month to qualify for tier advancement. Residual will still be paid out on accounts processing less than $3000/month.

Partnering with National Processing

Does it seem like everyone around you is living the entrepreneurial dream, except you? If you have thought about being your own boss or supplementing your income with a side business, we want you to be part of our team.

National Processing offers a Partner Program that is easy to start and quick to see rewards. Four merchant referrals will qualify you for 25% of net processing revenue. When you refer 5 merchants, you will reach Gold level status and receive 40% of ALL merchants closed.

Our Affiliate Program is ideal for those looking to earn residual income. As a Silver Partner, you immediately earn 2% of all net processing revenue your recruited affiliates close with National Processing. When you reach Gold level, you earn 5% on ALL net processing revenue of every merchant closed from the affiliates you recruit. When you have connected with 25 merchants, who’ve committed to our services, you’ve reached the Platinum level. This means 50% of ALL net processing revenue of every merchant you recruited is yours to enjoy. Best of all, your affiliate bonus increases to 10% of ALL net revenue processed by affiliate merchants.

Instead of sitting through another lunch listening to your business buddies talk about their growth, why not help them help you by offering business owners or managers a great service that benefits both of you? National Processing is an easy and innovative to handle payment processing for every type of business. As their business grows — so can yours.

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Let’s get started! Our automated process makes it easy:

  1. Sign up as a partner.
  2. Send your business/merchants contact details on our portal (National has a review process on our end).
  3. Within the portal, request your contacts send a recent processing statement to custom secure portal with privacy policy, stating that only National Processing sees this.
  4. Track your merchants progress online. You will read status updates from our team.
  5. Refer friends, family, business colleagues. When you are Gold, you receive 5% of their net processing revenue. (within portal)
  6. Closed merchants normally report activity 30-60 days after they are signed. Your monthly residual commission will arrive 30 days later.

Scale your business by referring
more merchants and affiliates.

Our Approach

At National Processing, every member of our team is seeking to change the merchant processing industry. Our approach and commitment is to provide each merchant with a trusted and transparent processing relationship. Our core differentiation is that we are honest and keep our word. We will not raise the low rates we provide a merchant. On average merchants who move to National Processing save 17% in processing fees. We will not hold a merchant to a contract. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our Partners

We are looking for partners that share our approach. Individuals and companies that share our vision for trusted and transparent merchant processing. Partners can begin sending a few referrals or hundreds per month. Our proven model will scale to support you and your business for the long term.

Merchant Success Stories


National Processing saves $21,000 per year in processing costs for an international name brand provider of clothing. This company does more than $1,500,000 per month in processing.


A popular local restaurant with more than $70,000 per month in business saved $2,880 per year with National Processing. The transition from their prior processer took 1 day with our best in class service approach.


This services business does $12,000 per month online. National Processing saved them $3,500 per year. This Automobile Dealership has business more than $325,000 per month. National Processing saved $36,000 per year.


A retail department store, processes $120,000 per month. National Processing saved them $3,000 per year. The transition from their prior processer took 2 weeks, including software integration.


With processing of more than $700,000 per month, National Processing saved this manufacturer $7,200 per year. The transition from their prior processer took 1 week, including full website integration.

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Partner Success Stories

One of our Gold Partners has 8 closed merchants and is making $360 per month in residual. $4,320 per year.

With our new affiliate program, when this Gold Partner recruits 10 affiliates who also have 8 merchants each (same average processing level), this Gold Partner’s Monthly Residual will increase to $806 or $9,677 per year.

A Platinum Partner with 25 closed merchants, would make on average $1,400 per month in residual income. $16,800 per year. As this Platinum Partner recruits like-minded Affiliates, who produce at the same level, Monthly Residual will increase by $2,800 to $4,200 per month or $50,400 annually.

These examples are averages. Your mix of merchants will determine your earnings.

Clearly, a large merchant can dramatically accelerate your earnings potential. The partner who brought the Millennial Clothier referenced above earns $4,000 per month from this single customer.

In summary, you have two ways to build your residual income. First, refer merchants and move thru our tiers in earning up to 50% of net processing revenue.

Second, refer your friends, family and business associates into our Affiliate program and earn up to 10% on all merchants they help close with National Processing. The rewards can be substantial.

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Why National Processing

We promise to provide you with a trusted and transparent merchant processing relationship. We will not hold you to a contract. We will not raise the low rates we provide you. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

We provide award winning merchant processing solutions. Thousands of businesses both small and large trust National Processing as their merchant processing partner. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will be your trusted source for credit card, ACH, online transactions, check payments, and all other transactional processing.